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The cost of our online 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI-4) is only $29.95 and it does include the electronic certificate that will be immediately available online after you complete the requirements.

This is the complete course cost, and there is nothing else for you to pay in order to obtain the Florida Safety Council Certificate at the end of your 4 hour online class. The BDI-4 course fee include the electronic Certificate of Completion; which will be available online after you complete the course requirements.

Please note: The information provided here will be printed on your certificate exactly as you type it. For security reasons, the information provided below cannot be changed later after course completion; so please make sure every typed entry is correct.

The 4 hour, on-line point reduction / ticket course must be completed within 60 days of registration; or by the due date required by the Court for your citation/court case, whichever comes first.

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to match your Driver License records.

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This course is approved by Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to satisfy various requirements.
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The most common reason is the first one, where you elect to take traffic school and avoid points in your license.

 You elected to take traffic school after a citation / ticket to avoid points
 You were mandated to take a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)
 You were mandated by court to take a 4-Hour BDI Traffic School
 You are taking the course for insurance discount
The violation information requested here
will also be printed on the certificate.
Each certificate is valid for only one violation.

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